It may be a contradictory statement in itself; how can relaxation be a form of entertainment? I didn’t think it possible until I experienced it for myself. I’m not talking about the kind of entertainment that makes your heart race, is fun to watch, or is the best TV show you’ve seen since Survivor.

I’m talking about the kind of entertainment that leaves you light-hearted and feeling warm inside. I’m talking about the kind of relaxation that does the same thing. The two go hand-in-hand.

Here’s how I discovered this amazing bliss: the other day I took a bath in the jacuzzi. Bubbles, a tub full to the brim with water, and some fruit scented candles all completed my day of treating myself. But of course I have a dog who HATES being left alone. (She generally finds something to rip up when left to her thoughts.) So I invited her to hang out in the bathroom with me.

She is also the sort of dog who loves to chase reflections, flashlights, and laser pointers. Since the lights were off and the candles were going full blast, Koda was in heaven trying to catch the reflective flames. I put them out of her reach to avoid calling the fire department, but that didn’t deter her. She tried her best for 20 minutes to catch those flames. I laughed the whole time.

So there you have it: entertainment and relaxation mixed into one! I highly recommend this as laughter is good for you just like relaxation. Invite your dog (or other pet) to participate in your down-time; scrapbook while you sip wine and watch your favorite movie. Be creative!