So they added another sign to the horoscope lineup a little while back. The Ophiuchus, or the Serpent Holder, joins the already popular way to classify yourself. For centuries, people have defined themselves by their sign, saying they act and look the way they do because of the date that they were born.

But this new addition changed a lot of things around. Scorpios could be Libras; Pisces could be Aquarius. So now instead of me being a Scorpio, someone with a fiery passion for romance, I am now a Libra. But none of the qualities fit me, and I’m sure a bunch of other people are finding the same thing.

Which brings me to my main point: if we can just switch stars and classifications because some guy in Minnesota says so, how real can horoscopes be? Suddenly you are someone different. Should you act different, dress different, go about your day different, all because the new alignment says so?

It doesn’t make sense to me. You can’t change who you are just because your horoscope says to. And doesn’t that point out that you may never have been a “Capricorn” in the first place?

You are who you want to be. You aren’t shy, lovable, angry, or observant because your birthday says so. You are that way because of, let’s face it, genetics. But you’re also that way because you want it to be. Don’t let a horoscope tell you what to do.