Admit it: even when you are older, you still look forward eagerly to Christmas. You get to see your family, take a few days off, and yes, open presents. I love Christmas not only because I’m religious, but because I do get to spend time with family and I do get gifts. They may not seem like toys on the outside, but they are “toys” for me. This year, the best toy I got was an Amazon Kindle.

There is a lot of hype built up around this gadget. And it’s all true. It’s easy to use, nice to have around when you can’t have a book, and convenient in so many ways.

Ease of use. Upon first getting it, the Kindle offers an introductory course that explains EVERYTHING about it, including how it uses ink just like a newspaper or book. That is why its appearance doesn’t look like that of a computer screen. If you already have a natural knack for technology, you can always exit out of the manual and go on to using it for what you will.

Convenient to have. It’s smaller, lighter, and easier to use when on the go than books. If you have the Kindle that gets 3G, then you can download a book at any point. If you are stuck in the airport, pull it out to pass the time.

Navigation. The Kindle is easy to navigate in that you can always jump back and forth, back to the Home page, or access the settings all by pushing only one button. Gone are the days of searching using multiple routes.

For anyone who wants their favorite books, newspapers or periodicals with them at all times, I recommend the Kindle. There are so many things it can do, you would be amazed.