Despite the extra pounds drinking can cause, there’s no problem with enjoying one with friends and family during the holidays. I find that wines pair best with holiday food. And as they say, wine is an acquired taste, so don’t worry if you aren’t into it. There are so many different varieties, that you are bound to find one you like.

Around the holidays, certain wines seem to be better enjoyed with rich foods than others. As I have been sampling different wines lately, I have a few suggestions of my own.

Beringer White Zinfandel:  Beringer has a great line-up overall and you aren’t going to drop a ton of money to get a bottle (around $7-$9). Their white zin is light and fresh, which matches well with the heaviest foods.

Yellow Tail Shiraz: This wine is not for those who do not like dark reds. Yellow Tail Shiraz is slightly peppery, which can add a good twist to turkey or ham. It, too, will not break your bank, running around $6 a bottle.

Korbel Sparkling Wine Brut: If you are looking for something exciting, sparkling is the way to go. The texture appeals to those who aren’t huge wine fans because it is not flat. This wine is a little flowery and very crisp.

Sutter Home Blush Wine: Blush wines are best served chilled, and for me personally, they go well with just about every meal. This particular brand runs around $8 dollars a bottle and has a fruity taste, again appealing to those who aren’t into the sharp taste that some wines have.

J. Lohr: This is a sweet Riesling. But don’t let that turn you off. It is slightly fruity and goes very well with desserts. this one can cost around $25 dollars a bottle, but it’s worth it.

So this holiday season, when you are heading to your relative’s house, grab a bottle of something that appeals to you.