It’s Friday night and you have on your LBD, you did up your smoky eyes, and you are meeting the girls at the downtown pub for a night of fun and flirting. But before you knock back one too many, you should know that you could be putting on a little extra weight, especially now that it’s the holidays.

If you are a beer drinker, you are in particular danger of extra calories. For example, depending on which kind you prefer, a bottle of beer contains around 150 calories. Three beers takes that to 450 calories. And the number skyrockets from there. Look at your beer label, and you will see what I mean.

Ok, but what if you are a wine drinker? The average 12-ounce glass of wine can have between 275-300 calories. Some wine drinkers drink more or less as compared to beer drinkers, so look at your own consumption patterns.

Even cocktail drinkers cannot avoid the calories. A basic 12-ounce gin and tonic has around 300 calories.

So this holiday season, when you are indulging in food, snacks, and drinks, just be aware that you could be taking in more than you think. Have fun, but stay healthy!