She wears meat dresses and wigs; she sings about eating hearts and the paparazzi. And she is a national and international icon. While many regard Lady Gaga as a weird and unnatural person, there is more than meets the eye. To be blunt, the woman is truly genius.

While most sit and judge, Lady Gaga is rolling around in her millions, doing something she is good at (entertaining the masses), and enjoying every minute. As one of my college professors smartly pointed out, she is a sacrifice for those who are unaccepted in the world; she makes it acceptable to dress how you want, where you want.

I attended her concert at the Denver Pepsi Center this past summer and witnessed first hand her genius. The crowd was huge, but more importantly she connected with people on a personal note. She not only sang and danced the entire performance (she must have been exhausted), but she spoke to the crowd.

One memorable performance was the VMAs where she performed her hit “Paparazzi”. At the end her outfit spouted blood. She sacrificed herself for her fans, symbolically saying, ‘It’s ok. Because I thrust myself in the public eye, you can be who you want to be.’ And she has made millions doing it.

Her music makes you want to dance, her behavior makes you want to let out your inner beast, and her clothes literally allow you to dress in whatever you are comfortable in. She might be a freak, but she is damn good at it.