Many of American teens and even adults are aware of the sensation TV show 16 and Pregnant on MTV. The same amount of people have also heard of the follow-up series Teen Mom. These shows portray the lives of young women dealing with having a child at the mere age of 16. We as the American audience see the struggles, hardships, and financial difficulties having a baby and a young age brings.

While these shows are entertaining and addicting to watch, the fact is having a baby while still a child yourself can be quite difficult.

Nearly one million young women become pregnant before the age of 20 each year according to a study done in New York a few years ago. To translate, that’s around 2,800 teens getting pregnant each day. Those numbers are alarming.

Pregnancy carries more repercussions than just the embarrassment of facing classmates. It also carries a heavy financial load along with fewer hours of sleep, less dedication to education, and less dedication to yourself.

The average cost of just the birth, including drugs such as an epidural,  without insurance is between $14,000-$25,000 (which may also include factors such as a C-section) according to an article posted in MSN Money. And after that, the costs continue to pile up.

Mothers can also expect a lot less sleep and, if a teen, significantly less time to dedicate to getting their high school diploma.

It is safe to say that the moms on 16 and Pregnant can attest to all of these facts. While we sit and watch these shows, enjoying them to their fullest dramatic moment, we forget that the real-life impact of teen pregnancy is bigger than MTV.