The Bionic Woman; Xena, Warrior Princess, Wonder Woman; young girls and even boys all over the country, all over the world, recognize these women as superheroes. They are women of power, strength, leadership. They have special powers that make them better than the mere mortal human being. There is one other thing that ties these female superheroes together: their legend, their history.

These days young kids look up to superheroes; they admire them. I used to and I have to admit, I still like watching their TV shows and reading the occasional comic. But I also have moved on to admiring some more modern day superheroes, particularly some women who DO have superpowers.

The first is my mom. Moms everywhere, not just mine, have superpowers. Somehow these women manage multiple kids going to various practices, classes, recitals, games, and events. And moms are at EVERYTHING; they never miss an event. Isn’t that power deemed omnipresent? I consider that a superpower.

I also believe that my two best friends, Courtney and Kaitlin, are superheroes. When I am at a crisis-level high enough to put airport security on lock-down, somehow one or both of these women manage to show up at my door in record time. They either have transporters or the power of flight or super-speed, all of which are superpowers.

Who is the superhero in your life, man or woman?