You want something to believe in? Something that gives you hope that at the end of the day, whether you are a man or woman, you can say, “I still have that”? The best place to look is at yourself.

What a beautiful person YOU are. Ladies, as a woman myself, I relate to what we go through every day. Showers, shaving, make-up, clothes; every day brings with it the pressure to be more beautiful, more sexy, the better “alpha female” than the last.

We have to have a job, a degree, a husband; we have to be independent, self-sufficient, yet still show that we need a man to provide. All that work doesn’t leave a lot of time for ourselves or to know what we are really feeling. Are we happy? Sad? Lonely? Excited?

Stop and look in the mirror without the make-up, without the hair style, the clothes, the jewelry, the job. What do you see? Become your most vulnerable, then you will know if you are happy. Don’t like what you see? Change, but don’t change yourself! Love what you see? Keep going!

The real truth you need to be happy is loving what you see stripped down. You are always beautiful, so it’s important to treat yourself, and shape your life, that way.