In a world where everyone is struggling for money, where people are caught up in their own worries; in a world that emphasizes financial stability will give you a better life, we must stop and take a look around. Stop.

Let all the cares melt away, forget about what you don’t have, and look at what you do have. The first thing to be thankful for is you.  You are a unique, beautiful person that was made special by God and that’s all you need. Even in the darkest moments, you still have yourself.

Be thankful for the world around you. While you might not have a car, a house, money, or whatever else, you have the beautiful earth that God gave us. It’s colorful, changing, and giving. Love it.

There are all of those other things: family, friends, religion, all your material possessions. Enjoy them while you still can. They were given to you for a reason. Be thankful not for Black Friday, but for the little things, like snowflakes, the outdoors, and feathers. If you feel good about those things, the rest will come.