To the 3,000 people evacuated so far due to the Four Mile Canyon Fire, our thoughts go out to you. For those in danger of losing their homes or still face the possibility of evacuation, you are in our prayers. To the firefights of the 30 + crews involved, we support you.

The Boulder fire started early yesterday morning. As someone who was in the area at the time, I can say it was difficult seeing the smoke. I was driving along CO Highway 119 when I first saw the billows reaching to the sky and it took me back to a time when I came in direct contact with a fire.

My family was one of the many to evacuate when the Storm Mountain and Bobcat fires came growling through the Western part of the Front Range. It was scary not knowing if you would go home to an actual house or a pile of smoking rubble. I’m sure that is how the many people affected by the Four Mile Canyon fire feel.

Due to high winds, this fire is already extremely dangerous, so far burning 3,500 acres according to the Associated Press. While there is no comfirmed number of how many homes have burnt, some do belong to firefighters working hard to control the blaze. Authorities still do not know the cause of the blaze.

So keep these people in your thoughts as the fire continues to burn.